Episode Ten: The Grandmaster and A Touch of Zen


This week Mike and Sean discuss a pair of martial arts films, Wong Kar-wai's latest The Grandmaster, starring Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi and King Hu's 1971 masterpiece A Touch of Zen. They also take a look at the career of Wong Kar-wai and make their picks for the Essential Fight Scene of all-time.

Episode Nine: Ishtar and Sons of the Desert


A cavalcade of comedy classics as MIke and Sean tackle Elaine May's neglected masterpiece Ishtar and Laurel and Hardy's acclaimed 1933 feature Sons of the Desert. They boys also talk all about the Marx Brothers and share their picks for Essential Slapstick movies.

Episode Eight: Gun Crazy and Point Break


This week, Mike and Sean dive into the seedy noir world of Joseph H. Lewis's 1950 film Gun Crazy, take a stroll along the beach with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break and talk about their Essential Adrenalizing films. They'll also take a closer look at the career of Keanu and debate the proper usage of the phrase "Vaya con Dios'.

Episode Seven: Logan’s Run and WALL-E


This week, Mike and Sean tackle a pair of sci-fi classics with discussions of Michael Anderson's 1976 film Logan's Run and Andrew Stanton's acclaimed Pixar film WALL-E. They also discuss Stanton and Pixar in general, the Essential Animated Films of the 21st Century and the latest news in Harvey Weinstein's scissors and Dr. Who's casting.

Episode Six: Two Lovers and Two English Girls


This week Sean and Mike explore some romantic geometry with James Gray's 2008 film Two Lovers and François Truffaut's Two English Girls. They also discuss Truffaut's career in general, along with their picks for the Essential Love Triangle movies and the dire state of summer blockbuster cinema.


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